A Day in the Life…

3:30AM: Get up and get ready for work while sweet wife makes my lunch.

4:00AM: Leave home and head to work. It’s a 30 minute ride, so I usually listen to music and try not to hit a deer on that old country road.

5:00AM: Head into work, clock into the machine, listen to the morning meeting, and go to work.

7:00AM: Go to break and have the brilliant idea to do this post. Enjoy a snack and go back to work.

9:00AM: Take another break and spend that time writing this post and having another snack. Also, I go back to work and sweat some more.

11:00AM: I enjoy lunch prepared by my beautiful wife. I spend way too much time on eBay looking at cameras.

1:30PM: I clock out and head down that old country road again whilst listening to the radio. The old road is picturesque some days with decrepit barns, abandoned buildings, and farms along the way.

2:15PM: I finally arrived at home after being stuck behind a slow driver for the last half of the trip. It is now time to cut the grass and all that goes along with it. Hopefully, I will sneak some photography in somewhere before dark. 😀

4:00PM. Grass trimming is finished after much grime, grit, and oil.

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