You will not get the word, “Sorry” out of me very often. I published a post early this morning expressing my own self pity and woes. Writing is therapeutic, but I never intended to cause any drama. I have removed the post. We’re all dealing with our own battles. I should’ve took that into context. I am sorry I caused anyone any stress or worry. It was not my intention. I thought I had social media and subscribers disabled on it but apparently not. I had a bad day. We all have them.  I’ll be back soon.


  • Jess

    You are very loved and cared for and if anyone got upset, it was directly out of concern for you. This is inspiring, really. To have family and friends ready to jump to your aid at the slightest notion of trouble. I hope you feel much better today and remember that God will never give you more to carry than you are capable of.

  • Lynne S. Venesky

    I did not read your blog until about lunch time, if I had, I would have probably woken you from a deep sleep! LOL, Enough said about that.
    Love you!

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