Episode 17

The – I’m High on Caffeine, and Sober on Love Episode of The Jefferson Davis Saga.
In this crazy Episode, Flowers are orderd, letters are written, and I question a young lady about politics, of which she knows nothing.  I also ask her what she thinks about Mr. Bush and the Iraq War.  She also gives a few choice words about immigration, Myspace, and Jett Loe.  I find out what people do in my hometown for fun, as if I didn’t already know.  Another crazy, yet educational episode of the Jefferson Davis Saga.  Sumsofly also picks out a band to play a song at the end of the show, by the way, Sumsofly is her code name.  Stay tuned for the next Episode, for there will be more antics, women, and banter…

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Whoa, it's the late, but great Episode 17 Of the Jefferson Davis Saga

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