Manchester Terrorist Attack

UPDATE ! 12:00PM EDST:  ISIS claims responsibility for the Terrorist Attack.
UPDATE II 12:27PM EDST:  Manchester Police Chief has confirmed that Salman Abedi was the suicide bomber.
UPDATE III 6:00PM EDST:  Sources are now saying that 119 people were injured due to the terrorist attack.

Around 7:00PM last night, I sat down at my desk to catch up on the news of the day and read a few blogs. I keep a live twitter feed on my desktop and noticed a flurry of tweets with the hashtag #Manchester, so being the curious gent I am, I started reading the tweets and discovered to my horror that there was a terrorist attack in Manchester. At this time, 22 young people, the youngest was 8, were slaughtered in this attack. Fifty nine more were injured during the attack, some very serious and twelve under the age of sixteen.

I read article after article, some calling it a Terrorist Attack and others choosing to use the PC term, “Incident”. This was an attack intended to cause Terror across the land, thus a terrorist attack. This type of political correctness is sadly predictable amongst the Western Press.

The press is partly to blame for this attack and have blood on their  hands this morning. They keep stirring the pot, when there is nothing to stir. They speak of racism against Muslims, when the idea of being racist against ever group of people on the planet is preposterous. In case you didn’t know, there is everything from white Muslims to Black Muslims and everything in between. Unfortunately, people do not understand that they make more money by stirring the pot with nonsense.

This attack was not on soldiers or oppressors, it was a heartless and cowardly attack on innocent teenagers and children. As my President, Donald J. Trump, said a while ago:

I won’t call them Monsters, because they would like that term. They would think that’s a great name. I will call them, from now on, Losers, because that’s what they are. And we’ll have more of them, but they’re losers.

The suicide bomber and all like him are cowards, and as the president said, “Evil losers”. Anyone who would harm innocent people, especially children, doesn’t deserve to exist! My thoughts and prayers are with the British people during this horrific time.

The sad fact is that this could’ve been prevented. According to various reports and lists, over twenty one thousand people were killed worldwide in Islamic (extremist) Terrorist Attacks. Islamic extremism is a huge issue in the world. That’s a fact. The data clearly shows that it is a massive problem and must be dealt with head on. You can call me an Islamophobe, if that is all that your brain can espouse, but you would be wrong. Data and the blood of innocents doesn’t lie.

I don’t hate Muslim people, but I have no use for the Islamic sect of blood and war. That is my own personal opinion, but I still treat Muslims with the same respect that I show to everyone else. There are good and bad people in every religion and sect, but Christians didn’t cowardly slaughter 21,000 people last year. The Muslim world has a huge problem and better deal with it. Otherwise, there will be another Crusade of the like that has never been seen before.

Western people have been fighting for freedom for over four thousand years. We have fought for freedom of expression, art, literature, philosophy, and the like for a millennia, yet in the last fifty years we have given it away for political correctness. Western people are squishy and can take a hit or two with a smile, but there comes a point when all bets are off and the smile fades to a scowl of revenge and a fist filled with fury. I don’t want us to get to that point

I am a Christian. Jesus teaches us to love everyone, especially those that hate us. That is difficult in times like these. I do not want the sword of fate and fury to be unsheathed, but if these attacks continue, the tip of the spear will be the last thing these cowardly Terrorist will see.

Germany accepted over two million people in the last two years. You can’t bring people from a different part of the world with a totally opposing culture to your country without exposing your country to attacks. There were nine Terrorist attacks in Germany in 2016.

One day the Western world will have to wake up from this liberal Utopian dream. I only hope that it is not too late to save our grand ideals, history, and freedom.

I’ll leave you with the words of the Honourable Sir Winston Churchill:

Never give in – never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.

P.S.:  You may notice that there isn’t a little ad on this post.  I don’t believe that you or I should profit in the slightest from the evil and heinous act that took place last night.  Thank you and God Bless.

Meeting Martin McGuinness

It was a warm and dry October afternoon, a rarity in Northern Ireland, when I met Martin McGuinness in Writers Square area of Belfast. I arrived late amidst a sea of revellers, rallying against Tory cuts. After the rally finished, I shook hands and spoke to Mr. McGuinness as he and his entourage were trying to leave.

He looked tired, but his smile was still as bright as ever. At first he thought I was a local, but once he realised I was an American, he humorously wanted to know what I was doing listening to a rally about Tory cuts and suggested sights to see.  I said I was just a curious ‘Merkan. He laughed and was sped off by his crew. I wanted to do a story about him, but I never could crack the media blockade at Stormont, and I only had a few days left in the North.

There was a time years ago, when I idolized McGuinness and Adams for their leadership and resistance during the Troubles. The older and wiser man I met that day was more calculative and kind than the fiery young man that joined the Provisional IRA out of a sense of duty and necessity.

McGuinness had a hard time when running for President of the Republic of Ireland in 2011. He came in third place behind Michael D Higgins and Seán Gallagher. Higgins won the presidency and is the current President of RoI. Martin was lambasted by the press and pundits who never understood the struggle, some of which never set foot in the North. But, that is the case when running for public office.

The political party, Sinn Féin, is a democratic socialist party. Since the term “Socialist” makes me cringe and is an affront to freedom, I can’t support it. But, due to my long relationship with people in Belfast and the Short strand area, I do understand the mindset. Regardless of our political differences, I do support a United Ireland. It was one of his greatest hopes.

If I would have been born in the Bog Side around the same time as him, I might have taken a similar path. He made mistakes, and he went to prison for his crimes. In later years, he worked hard towards peace in Northern Ireland. He and Ian Paisley worked together towards peace, two men of different faiths that once hated each other.

While walking through the short strand one afternoon, I met a man that summed it up perfectly. He said that if he’d been born on this side of the wall, referring to the Catholic enclave within Loyalist East Belfast , he would’ve fought for Provos, if he’d been born on the other side, he would’ve fought for the UVF.   Religion played a role in the troubles, but it was not the defining factor.

Martin was a product of the Troubles and tirelessly worked to mend fences with Unionist and other foes from that era. In fact, a large group of Unionist are now favouring a United Ireland. Only time will tell what will happen regarding the North. As an American, all I can do is watch and wish them all well. I hope for a United Ireland where Catholics and Protestants are happy in one country on the isle of Eire. It may never come to fruition, but there’s no harm in dreaming.

Rest in peace, Mr. McGuinness.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall