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    Need to be Needed

    Let’s face it, gents, the Modern Woman doesn’t need us for anything.  They’ve got their toys, they’ve got their government subsidies.  They don’t need us for anything.  People ask me why I think men have become weaklings over the past few decades.  That along could constitute a five page long diatribe of theories.

    But there is one that I have personal experience with, needing to be needed.  The modern woman doesn’t need us.  We’re a joke to them at this point, or at least, a token of entertainment.  The only thing we are needed for at all is reproduction, but they can always go to a bank for that.

    It seems from my own experience, the less we’re needed, the less manly we feel.  Men need to be needed.  Even if it’s something small.  Most decent men are desperate to help or to be needed.  And, if we are wanted.  Well, that is the best feeling in the world.

    As government has crept into every aspect of our lives, women have become men and men have become women.  The roles got thrown out of wack.  It’s a shambles.  If a man is made to feel useless, he has no reason for being.  Feeling needed and/or wanted is the greatest feeling in the world.  But, when a man is made to feel useless, a third class citizen, he loses hope and becomes a weakling.

    I’m not a Beta male.  I’m just stating the facts.  For any man “Out There” today, you’ll eventually have to deal with the “Modern Woman”.  There are still some great women in this world that have not been corrupted, but they are few and far between.

    I believe that women should have all the rights I have, but feminism has destroyed this country.  It broke up the family.  They say they stopped domestic violence.  Ha!  I’d expect that there are more fights now than ever before!  In fact, there are statistics to prove it!

    These modern women laugh and joke about not needing a man, yet they take government funds.  Who pays the majority of the taxes in this country?!  MEN!!!  Women do pay more sales tax, but they spend more.

    I love women.  I’m not trying to start a battle of the sexes here.  If you love a man, act like you need him every once in a while even if you don’t.  You women are smarter.  Use those beautiful brains for something other than destroying us.  We may be gruff on the outside, but on the inside we’re just boys trying to impress you.  😉

    This video is from a few days ago.  I burned all of the hard copies of my best poetry.  I will not write anymore for the foreseeable future.  No one gives a damn.  Why should I rip my heart out for nothing?  I do have a flare for the dramatic.  🙂

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    Good morning

    Today, I am starting a new adventure. Instead of blogging daily on Facebook and making them money, I’ll being blogging on my own site. Some posts may be brilliant while others may be lackluster. That’s the nature of humanity. I can’t write brilliantly from a mobile device.

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    Jefferson Davis Rants #1

    Do you know what really grinds my gears?

    When I think about how I pay for a server/hosting that I don’t use, it turns my stomach.  I’m a necessary tightwad.  I love a good deal.  I’d never pay for any other service without using it.  I should be ashamed of myself!  I’m starting a series of rants that I’ll post every day.  I have to get back in the habit of writing daily.

    This wee post is a start to the future of this blog.  I may rant about traffic one day and relationships the next day.  You may get butt hurt by reading these rants, but life is tough so suck it up buttercup.  I may make you laugh.  I may make you cry.  At the end of the day, it’s my soapbox to stand on in this quiet corner of the internet.

    I’ll be back tomorrow!  🙂

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    I’ve been out for my second run of the day. Hang on, let me catch my breath…

    The crystalline ice and snow was still glistening this morning, as I set out on a sunrise run. I love to run and walk. I can’t run as far as I used to be able to, but I still enjoy the challenge of gasping for air. I do my greatest thinking and problem solving, when I’m walking.

    I realised something that a friend told me the other day was dead on accurate. You can’t make everyone happy. I went to college the first time for several reasons, but mainly because I was sick of being labelled the dumb hill billy. I finished that and was then the high tech lanky redneck. I still wasn’t good enough, so I went back to college and studied Criminal Justice.

    I graduated the top of my class. I worked out a LOT. I worked in the field for several years and excelled at every challenge I was given. Then, I was labelled a dumb flat foot even though I knew more about the law and history than some of my professors and had an above average tested IQ. I still wasn’t good enough.

    I spent time with the rich and powerful, and I was back to being a hill-billy. I begrudgingly played that role, but there comes a point when you have to be comfortable within yourself. I’ve been running for years, running from myself. I’m not rich, but I am better than the rich in many ways. My grandfather always said to be righteous in my indignation.

    I am still learning. Life is full of lessons. People will try to put you in a box. Don’t let them. Be yourself. You can’t make everyone happy. I still try to impress every freaking day, but that is just part of who I am. 🙂

    Be yourself.  People that can’t appreciate that don’t deserve to be around you.

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    Hello World. How have you lot been? I haven’t posted on this blog in quite some time. To say that life has been hectic and unhinged would be an understatement of the obvious. But, I am in a great place at the moment with a stable job with steady hours and pay. I now have a little time to catch my breath and think, something I’ve not been able to do in a while.

    If you remember my blog from years ago, I ranted about something in my own life at least once a week. It was usually an observation of my own life or my surroundings. I stopped doing that because I put other peoples feelings before my own. That is not a bad trait, however, we all need to vent from time to time about things outside of our control.

    You don’t have to agree, like, or comment on my harangues. But, I will continue to write whether you agree or not. The West has lost its ability to argue with civility. Civil disagreements are a great way to learn and grow as a person. No matter what empirical data you provide in an argument, people will disagree. Don’t get butt hurt over it. There are a ton of people that I highly disagree with, but I still read their articles and listen to their arguments.

    When I was in College, I took debate and loved it. We debated touchy subjects and silly ones. I always seemed to get the worst side of the argument. I learned something invaluable in that class. I learned to intently listen to my opponent and watch their mannerisms. I used their own words against them and evoked emotion, a tactic used by politicians on a daily basis. I remember we had to debate whether prostitution should be legal or not. I, of course, was stuck with arguing for its legalisation. I won the debate, not because of the statistics I gave, but because of the emotion in my voice when talking about the poor women that would be better off with a regulated industry.

    No one remembers the statistics, everyone remembers the stories. The life we build and the societies that we build upon are based on stories. Don’t fake them, build them from the fabric of your own life. Have passion for what you are arguing for or against. And most importantly, know what you are talking about.

    Jefferson Davis signing off. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post and episode of Kilos of Craic. 🙂

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