The One

There has been many cool nights like this one, when I have looked up at the stars and wondered who was also looking up.

I have flown, rode, biked, ran, and walked hundreds of thousands of miles and met thousands of women, but I have never met one that could make me cross, warm my heart, break my heart, and make me laugh all on the same day.

I have ran ‘cross all the beaches of the Caribbean.  I have ran free with the ancestors on a moonlit night in Donaghadee, County Down.  I have ran along the craggy shore on a misty morn on Inishmore.  In all my time on this earth and all the places I’ve been, I’ve never met a lady that is everything.

She is supreme, she is my queen.  I can’t explain it.  I have tried.  When she enters a room, time stops, the mutterings quieten, the snow pauses in mid air, and the wind whispers a sweet melody.

We stand apart with our eyes locked and lips parched.  Words topple, not from our mouths, but from our hearts.  Love is boundless.  It is wild.  It is feverish.  It is everything and nothing.  It will infect you like a virus, but let it.  The world is nothing without Love.

Be kind and love one another.  Christmas is almost here.


  • Darren Lehane

    I doubt outside of Hollywood such a woman exists. Love, like life itself, is about compromise. When you’re prepared to make sacrifices for someone then you’ll know you’ve found “the one”. Merry Christmas old friend.

  • Jefferson Davis

    LOL! Very true words, my friend. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. 🙂

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