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    The One

    There has been many cool nights like this one, when I have looked up at the stars and wondered who was also looking up.

    I have flown, rode, biked, ran, and walked hundreds of thousands of miles and met thousands of women, but I have never met one that could make me cross, warm my heart, break my heart, and make me laugh all on the same day.

    I have ran ‘cross all the beaches of the Caribbean.  I have ran free with the ancestors on a moonlit night in Donaghadee, County Down.  I have ran along the craggy shore on a misty morn on Inishmore.  In all my time on this earth and all the places I’ve been, I’ve never met a lady that is everything.

    She is supreme, she is my queen.  I can’t explain it.  I have tried.  When she enters a room, time stops, the mutterings quieten, the snow pauses in mid air, and the wind whispers a sweet melody.

    We stand apart with our eyes locked and lips parched.  Words topple, not from our mouths, but from our hearts.  Love is boundless.  It is wild.  It is feverish.  It is everything and nothing.  It will infect you like a virus, but let it.  The world is nothing without Love.

    Be kind and love one another.  Christmas is almost here.

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    I’ve been out for my second run of the day. Hang on, let me catch my breath…

    The crystalline ice and snow was still glistening this morning, as I set out on a sunrise run. I love to run and walk. I can’t run as far as I used to be able to, but I still enjoy the challenge of gasping for air. I do my greatest thinking and problem solving, when I’m walking.

    I realised something that a friend told me the other day was dead on accurate. You can’t make everyone happy. I went to college the first time for several reasons, but mainly because I was sick of being labelled the dumb hill billy. I finished that and was then the high tech lanky redneck. I still wasn’t good enough, so I went back to college and studied Criminal Justice.

    I graduated the top of my class. I worked out a LOT. I worked in the field for several years and excelled at every challenge I was given. Then, I was labelled a dumb flat foot even though I knew more about the law and history than some of my professors and had an above average tested IQ. I still wasn’t good enough.

    I spent time with the rich and powerful, and I was back to being a hill-billy. I begrudgingly played that role, but there comes a point when you have to be comfortable within yourself. I’ve been running for years, running from myself. I’m not rich, but I am better than the rich in many ways. My grandfather always said to be righteous in my indignation.

    I am still learning. Life is full of lessons. People will try to put you in a box. Don’t let them. Be yourself. You can’t make everyone happy. I still try to impress every freaking day, but that is just part of who I am. 🙂

    Be yourself.  People that can’t appreciate that don’t deserve to be around you.

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