Ramadan Terrorthon

Updated list below as of 4/6/2017
In my last post from over a week ago (Apologies), I discussed the terrorist attack in Manchester in a heated manner. But, everything I said had data to back it up. I do not and will not post information that I don’t have sources to back it up with.

First of all, I’d like to point out that I am not an Islamic Theologian. However, since 9/11, I have read some of the Qur’an and Hadiths. There are some real gems in the Hadiths, particularly in Sihih Muslim that we’ll talk about at a later date. I studied these texts to better understand the mindset of people that will readily blow themselves up.

As Sun Tzu wrote, “Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories”.

I don’t consider all Muslims my enemy, but I do consider it important to know the history behind the Islamic Extremist that would readily kill me or tax (Jizya) me to death for being a Christian.

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world fast from sunrise until sunset. What you may not be told is that they are allowed to feast during the night. This in and of itself is confusing. When I have fasted in the past for three days, it was for three days and nights.

In the year of 2017, Ramadan started on the 27th of May and ends on the 24th of June. It is considered a holy month, yet as you will see below, it clearly isn’t. For the entire month of Ramadan, I will be listing every single Islamic Terrorist Attack in the world. Some are against Christians, while others are against other Muslims. I have verified all of the sources as best I can without seeing the attacks myself. Come back during the month to get updates.

26th of May, 2017  28  Coptic Christians were gunned down in cold blood while riding a bus on a pilgrimage to a Monastery.

Claiming to be security officers, the gunmen ordered the passengers to get out. They separated the men from the women and children, and instructed them to surrender their mobile phones. They told the men to recite the shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith.

When the men refused, the gunmen opened fire.

28th of May, 2017 Daesh (ISIS) killed 40 civilians whilst trying to escape starvation in Mosul, Iraq.

29th of May, 2017  Boko Haram beheaded five people in Nguru, Borno.

30th of May, 2017  ISIS murders 31 people at an Ice Cream Shop with a car bomb in Baghdad, Iraq.

30th of May, 2017  ISIS kills 17 and wounds at least 40 more in mortar attack in the town of al-Joura in the eastern province of Dayr-al-Zawr, Syria.

31st of May, 2017  The Haqqani network (Taliban Affiliates) suicide attacker drove into the diplomatic quarter of Kabul, Afghanistan and set off explosives that killed 90 civilians and injured 400.

1st of June, 2017  1 Kurdish Refugee in Olenburg, Germany was killed for smoking during Ramadan!

2nd of June, 2017  9 people were killed when two children, aged 10 and 15,  carrying explosives blew themselves up near a camp in Cameroon that housed displaced people from Nigeria.  Another Boko Haram attack into Cameroon.

3rd of June, 2017  At least 20 were killed at a funeral in Kabul, Afghanistan, when three suicide bombers blew themselves up.  Almost 100 more were injured during the attack.

3rd of June, 2017  At least 7 people were killed in London, England, when three Jihadists used a van to plow through at least 20 people on London Bridge and proceeded to jump out and stab people in the nearby Borough Market.  48 were injured during the attack, 20 of those are still critical.

London Bridge Terrorist Attack

That is 220 men, women, and children murdered at the hands of Islamic Extremists in a month that is supposed to be Holy. That’s not even including the dozens of accounts of terrorism around the world that I can’t verify, and it doesn’t include the 28 Coptic Christians from the day before Ramadan started.