Episode 50: Kilos of Craic

RIGHT!! That’s it! Nothing to see here, move along said the policeman. So
went the passing of the Jefferson Davis Saga. Grandad, Myself, Johnny
, Helen, K8, Granny, T.A.T., Rob Shifty, Drummerboy and Jefferson stood
over the lifeless corpse that was once a young and vigorous podcast but alas
there was nothing we could do for it now. So instead we all went back to
our respective continents and recorded…..Kilos of Craic, the final episode.
It’s really long but it is as funny as it long. In an attempt to raise the
dead, we laughed a lot, made no sense whatsoever, laughed some more and
generally had a grand old time putting to rest this our humble podcast. Ná
cailligí an craic

Kilos of Craic


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