• She’s Not the Woman She Used to Be

    In this weeks show, Episode 23 of Kilos of Craic, Brian F., Dr. Don, and myself discuss everything from National Emergencies to Wildwood, New Jersey.

    Topics discussed in this weeks show:

    1. Dr. Don needs B12
    2. We admit to being a bunch of auld crackers.
    3. Dr. Don asks for exhaust placement suggestions.
    4. California’s decibel Laws
    5. California Economy.
    6. National Emergencies
    7. Maxine Waters
    8. Budget Bill Signed
    9. A Demographic and Voting Shift
    10. Military Training.
    11. Non US Citizens serving in the Military.
    12. Gangs in the Military
    13. Free College for Migrants
    14. Staged Empire Attack?
    15. She’s Not the Woman she Used to Be.
    16. Matrix reloaded symbology?
    17. Pontiac’s version of the Vega?
    18. Brian talks about partying in Wildwood, NJ.
    Episode 23 of Kilos of Craic.

"She's Not the Woman She Used to Be."

    She’s Not the Woman She Used to Be
    Kilos of Craic

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  • Valentine’s Day Special

    Ride along with me whilst I tell you why I’m at War with the Left. In the Rambling episode, I discuss the left, their destruction and murder of millions of women and the utter destruction of the family unit. I did this at 04:30 this morning as I was on my way to work. New episodes of Kilos of Craic will be out Saturday! Thank you, all. 🙂

    Why I am at War with the Left Valentine's Day Special

    Valentine’s Day Special

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  • Episode 19 – Is Glass a liquid or a solid?

    In this episode of Kilos of Craic, Brian F., Dr. Don, and myself talk about the best audio equipment, the best racing tires, and debate the ultimate subject, is glass a liquid or a solid.

    Subjects and links in this weeks show;

    1. Football
    2. Andy Griffith and Football
    3. CES
    4. Classic VW talk
    5. Front End Alignment
    6. Tires – The best racing tire
    7. Mercedes Sprinter
    8. Audiophiles
    9. Polk Audio
    10. McIntosh Laboratory
    11. Lamborghini Countach vs. Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera
    12. Germicidal UV Light
    13. New WordPress layout
    14. Altered Reality
    15. Liquid Glass – Is it a liquid, a solid, or something else altogether?

    Episode 19 – Is Glass a liquid or a solid?
    Kilos of Craic

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  • Episode 18 – Gramps!

    In this weeks Episode of Kilos of Craic, Brian F., Dr. Don, and I play catch up. We discuss everything from the Mason Dixon line to the Tesla Powerwall, and Google interrupts the show!

    Episode 18 – Gramps!
    Kilos of Craic

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  • Update

    Kilos of Craic will be back shortly.  Until it returns, this short update should suffice.  I’ll have more updates and a new show coming out soon.  Please stay tuned.  🙂

    Kilos of Craic


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