A fast Refuge

Thursday, January 17th, 2013 – 13:50

I love the rain. It mutes the dissonance that pierces our ears daily, and it slows the pace of life a bit.  Rain can either be babbles of joy or missiles of napalm.  I tent to think of raindrops as memories captured in a translucent shell for a short time before crashing to the earth to form new one’s.

While on campus, I usually walk from one class to another even though the buildings are roughly 2km apart. It was only lightly misting a cool spray, so I sauntered over to the other building in about five minutes. Two and a half hours later, the cool mist had transformed into a bitterly cold deluge. I was ill equipped with just a leather jacket and backpack, but I decided to run the 2km irregardless of the consequences.

So, I started running, pacing myself as I went, through a myriad of deep and shallow puddles. I made it to the pavement and proceeded to continue on even though I couldn’t see due to the torrent running down my face. A car flew by and covered me with a frigid blanket of water. Just as I stopped to look for shelter, a woman in a BMW M6 stopped in the road and offered me a ride.

I went around to the passenger side, cracked open the door, and said, “But, I’ll get your interior wet”.

“Get in before you catch a cold”, she yelled whilst motioning.

She asked where I was going, and I obliged with the building number. I must have said “Thank You” a hundred times during the short drive to the building. When we arrived at the building entrance, the rain was still pouring. I asked if I could pay her for her trouble. She, of course, said, “No”.

I offered to buy her lunch, but to no avail. Finally, I asked her name.

Smiling, she said, “You’ll see me again”.

I said ‘Thank You’ about ten more times and ran into the building, waiving as I entered.

There are still some nice and decent people in this grey world. Don’t give up hope on humanity yet. If we take the pessimistic view that everyone is out to screw us over, then that’s exactly what we’ll get. Even though I was soaked from head to toes, I was still grateful to get into a car with the heat on full blast and receive a short ride.

Only wimps and women carry umbrellas. ;)


2 thoughts on “A fast Refuge

    • @Baino LOL! Too harsh? I’m the idiot that decided my manhood was more important than my health. In the summer, I think they are unneccesary for men, but in the winter they are. That is unless a man is wearing a suit, then it is excusable. Start my new job Monday. This clumsy boyo will be over safety aspects of a University. LOL!

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