Will Return

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I hope that each of you are doing grand.  I am doing grand.  I have been extremely busy of late, as I am sure all of you have been.  At my new job (working for me self), I get up at 5AM and am usually finished with work by 2 or 3PM.  There is a lot of manual labour involved but it is very entertaining.  Yesterday we raked, seeded, and strawed a long bank.  Today, we laid paving stones and built a retaining wall. 

I’ve done more work in the last week and a half than I’ve done in the last three months.  Almost every muscle in my body aches and my palms look like sandpaper.  The good thing about so much hard work is that I’m starting to resemble the Hulk (okay…not really).   I don’t reckon a short fuse and a lot of TNT would be a good combination?!   :)

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and tell you all that I’ll be back as soon as I can.  tomorrow is kudzu thrashing day, so I must rest me bones.



Jefferson Davis Hands

8 thoughts on “Will Return

  1. Grannymar, how are you doing? I heard that you were in Dublin. How’s the weather? Lovely, I presume. :)

    I’d be more than happy to work on your garden. I’ve been told that I have a green thumb. :)

  2. So how come landscapers never work in their own gardens any more than electricians repair their own lights? I know this to be true, I live with both!

  3. There’s nothing more satisfying than an honest day’s hard labour (so I’m told)

    How did you take that picture? Camera mouth manipulation?! That’s dedication, that is.

  4. I could use some help too. I only live a few hundred miles away – you’ll have to get up earlier than 5:30, though. I prefer you work under cover of darkness, as I will have you burying cash in my backyard.

  5. Sorry for the latency of this reply all. The box outside that provides me with internet was hit by lightning two days ago. Yikes! :)

    @Baino That’s just the nature of the beast! :)

    @AV You provide the plane ticket and I’ll be on my way. :)

    @K8 I’m dedicated to the core. :) I had my camera on a tripod and put my hands in front of it. Also, I had the camera on a time delay. I usually see in my head what I want to do, then I have to figure out actually how to do it. :)

    @Phil Just cash? I figured you’d want me to bury some of the white stuff or some bodies? :)

    Thanks for the comments everyone. :)

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