Will Ubuntu Flop in the Commercial Marketplace?

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Ubuntu Blows!
Can this crazy distribution of Linux survive in the commercial world?  Well, my senses tell me NO!  I installed this version of Linux last year, and I absolutely hated every minute I had to use it for school.  I went back to Slack-Ware Linux as soon as the project I was working on was over.  I hated the GUI, Organization of the GUI, and the OS Organization.  The brown color of everything made my eyes bleed, as if I were being stung by a thousand bees in the retina

The only positive thing I can think of about this distro, was the Install, which was darn easy.  A pretty little install does not make up for the hell it is to use Ubuntu.  They are trying to make an OS that people in the Windows world can use, but this will not cut the mustard.  If you are sick of Microsoft, then get a freaking MAC.  I’m planning on picking up a new MacBook as soon as I get back from Ireland.   What’s your say on Ubuntu?

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